Fractional Chief Operating Officer

Start working on your business, rather than in your business


Sales & Marketing

Let me work and remove barriers between the teams and see where the funnel is being blocked up. Happy to see how we can increase efficiency and improve the sales and marketing pipeline so you can concentrate on strategic partnerships and the bigger picture.

Product & Technology

Increase communication between the technology, product, sales and
marketing teams to bridge the gap and ensure the problem you are solving is actually the one the customer has. Additionally, we can work on avenues to future proof your technology both within the product and internal use.

Operations & Integration

From people to processes. Let me take the pressure off your day-to-day workings and see how we can better integrate the different business units and ensure the daily running of the business doesn’t impact your
customers experience or the bottom line.

Optimisation & Change

Remove business wide challenges and barriers, streamline processes,
empower people and work through change management without
impacting the running of the business. Look into how we can apply
software and people to keep things running smooth.

The fractional coo
fractional chief operating officer new zealand

Signs that you need a COO:

• You are spending too much time in your business and not on your business
• You are feeling constantly overwhelmed and struggling daily
• You know you need to strengthen and solidify your leadership team.
• Your company needs to grow significantly in scale operations.

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New Zealand based chief operating officer contract or part time

The COO…

• Is there to make the CEO’s vision a reality.
• Leads the execution of strategies developed by the leadership team
• Takes responsibility for delivering results on a tactical, day-to-day basis
• Is the problem solver to integrate people, processes and technology
• Offsets and complements the CEO’s experience, style, knowledge
• Is there to make themselves obsolete

HBR – The misunderstood role of the COO


“Jayden’s energy, enthusiasm and communication style made it very easy to work with him. Having a strong background within IT and Operations he has an excellent understanding across many areas of business. I found him extremely helpful in the advice and support he gave and would highly recommend Jayden if you are looking for a fresh, professional approach to your business. You won’t go wrong!”

Karen S. – Director/Principal Consultant

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